Voice Division

The PAVAN Vocal program is fun, engaging, and challenging, and draws students to come back for multiple summers. Through the PAVAN Vocal program, singers have the opportunity to develop their singing and musicianship skills through a combination of large and small group work as well as private voice instruction. The primary focus of the program is choral and all students participate in the choral ensemble. Students are challenged by the difficulty of the music, often singing in styles and languages different from what they experience in their home schools during the academic year. Rehearsals move at a fast pace yet the collaborative and supportive nature of the students help to encourage younger and less experienced peers. The program culminates in the performance of as many as nine or ten songs on the final program concert and is an exciting end to the program for vocal participants.

Students also receive instruction in music theory. This is provided in small groups under the tutelage of an experienced music theory instructor as well as on a more general, ongoing basis through choral rehearsals and, as time allows, in private voice lessons.

Each student receives some private instruction to help establish or further develop the foundation of a healthy vocal technique. Students are asked to prepare in advance two solo pieces of contrasting styles on which to work in private lessons. Participants also have the opportunity to work on performance aspects in several small group studio classes, learning how to work in collaboration with a professional accompanist and how to perform for a small group of their peers. Towards the end of the program, all students sing one of their solo pieces for the large group and a few students are then selected to sing during the vocal portion of the culminating performance. All other vocal participants are invited to sing on a standing-room-only recital in an informal venue immediately preceding the larger concert.