Theatre Division 

The Theatre division at PAVAN is unlike any program offered in the area. Our focus is on product, rather the process of theatre and its’ rich, deep historical contexts that lay the pathway for our modern approach. Students are challenged to reach their fullest potential as actors and actresses through individual and ensemble work, language, movement, and improvisation.

Students are also provided with a strong foundation for character development, script analysis and performance techniques. PAVAN's comprehensive curriculum introduces techniques like: Stanislavski, Meisner, Kabuki, Noh, Drumming, Polish Poor Theatre, Puppetry, as well as Ensemble building.

Our final performance piece is student-devised. Participants work together using higher level thinking to create a new piece. Creative challenges and decisions like plot line, staging and character development are resolved with faculty guidance.

How can I prepare for PAVAN? Become a student of the craft. Investigate, discover and explore any terms in this letter that you aren’t familiar with before coming to the program. Attend productions this summer. Go see theatre. Investigate. Discover. Explore.