"A day to day setting greatly helped. There was also much more in depth instruction and feedback."
"It is more educational, professional, and fun."
"This is the best program in NOVA for kids to express themselves and it’s changing my life as an actor and person."
"This program is the best. The material taught is challenging and fun."

Visual Art

"I really like the open student concept. It’s much different than a school setting in that I choose what I want to work on."
"PAVAN instruction was much more advanced and helpful than anything I have experienced in school. It was great to have our instructors also working on their own works, and I was encouraged and allowed to experiment with many different ideas, techniques, and mediums instead of being told what to do and what to use."
"PAVAN is different from school in the fact that PAVAN was entirely open; we had no deadline, no barriers, no requirements. We could have any material, anywhere, anytime."
"I liked being able to pursue our own projects and having so many materials available to us."
"The large amount of different supplies we were allowed to use."
"I love how I was able to use a variety of materials and how the instructors taught and allowed us to freely express ourselves."
"I loved having time to work on something I love and getting help from those around me and making new friends."

PAVAN is committed to a positive experience for all students and ask that they evaluate the program every year. Here is some of the feedback we've gotten in the past: 


"It was a lot more challenging (in a good way) than school and the atmosphere was more positive and productive."
"There’s no one here that doesn’t deserve or want to be here, so it’s more serious."
"We were treated with more maturity."
"The challenge of the more difficult music."
"How I was challenged and I have a new appreciation for choral music."


"It advanced much faster and I felt more challenged and more encouraged to practice."
"It focused more on general aspects of being a musician, learning music, and playing with others."
"My teacher at school doesn’t work with us so much individually, and I like having 3 teachers here at PAVAN."
"The wise and accessible instructors, who give you individual attention."
"Positive atmosphere and being surrounded by like-minded peers."