Create an unlisted YouTube video including the following requirements:

1. Introduce yourself: include your name, grade, school and county.

2. Answer this interview question: If you are accepted to PAVAN, what do you expect to accomplish to make you a better guitarist?

3. Perform the required piece, "Contemplation." Download the pdf of "Contemplation."

4. Perform an excerpt from a selection of your choice from the classical guitar repertoire (1-2 minutes in length).

5. Play the following scales: F major and A major. Play both scales 2 octaves in open position while alternating right hand fingers.

6. All the audition requirements (introduction, interview question, required piece, free-choice piece, and scales) must be recorded in one continuous take. Do not record each element separately and edit them together. 

 Recording tips for guitarists:

  • Use landscape view
  • Both hands must be visible in the video
  • Dress appropriately for an audition

Create an unlisted YouTube video including the following requirements:

1. Introduce yourself: include your name, grade, school and county.

2. Answer these interview questions

  • Why is theatre important?
  • What are your greatest strengths as an actor? What are your areas for growth as an actor?
  • Why do you deserve to be accepted to PAVAN?

3. Present two contrasting monologues, one contemporary and one classical. Each must be memorized and each monologue must be 1 minute in length. Introduce the first monologue with: “The first monologue is (character’s name) from (play name). After performing the first monologue, introduce and perform the second.

Contemporary monologue information:

  • 1-minute monologue.
  • The monologue must be from a play written between 1970 - present.
  • Should be a character within your age range.
  • Should not be a story monologue or a memory monologue. It should be something happening in the moment, not a recollection.
  • Try to find a character who is talking to someone else and is trying to solve a problem.
  • Possible plays are Little Women, Diary of Anne Frank, Brighton Beach Memoirs, but there are many out there.
  • Use a monologue from a published play - not an original monologue from the internet.

Classical Monologue information:

  • 1-minute monologue.
  • From a play written before 1899. It does not have to be Shakespeare.
  • The character should be age appropriate.
  • Possible Shakespearean characters: Miranda (The Tempest), Hal (Henry IV, Part 1), Helena, Hermia, Puck, Demetrius, Lysander, Bottom (A Midsummer Night's Dream), Rosalind, Orlando (As You Like It), Cressida, Troilus (Troilus & Cressida), Romeo, Juliet (Romeo and Juliet)
  • Oscar Wilde: Cecily, Gwendolyn, Algernon (The Importance of Being Earnest)
  • Eugene O'Neill: Edward (Long Days Journey into Night)

Recording tips for actors:

  • Monologues must be memorized
  • Use landscape view
  • Get as much of your body in the frame as possible while maintaining good audio
  • Dress appropriately for an audition

1. Curate a collection of 8-10 original works of your choice, using examples you have completed on your own time, not assignments from schools.


  • at least one black and white drawing

  • one drawing in color

  • one example of painting

  • one 3D work

No more than 2 of the 8 - 10 pieces may be digital. Digital pieces will not be counted as the black and white drawing, color drawing, nor painting. 

2. Create a single Word Document or PDF that includes one quality photo for each of your chosen pieces. Make certain that the photos are large and easily viewed in the document (1 image per page). There will be a place on the application to upload the document.

3. Create an unlisted YouTube video (about 10 minutes long) where you do the following:

  • Introduce yourself: include your name, grade, school and county.
  • Pan through your 8-10 works of art and give a brief explanation of each.
  • Answer the following interview questions:

        - Which piece is your strongest one? Explain why.

        - PAVAN uses an Open Studio model where you aren't given projects to complete by the teacher. You have            to develop and create your own with help and guidance from the instructors. How do you think you                      would do in that type of environment?

        - Why PAVAN? If you're new, what are you hoping to get from this two-week experience? If you're                              returning, what was it from your previous experience that made you want to come back again?

Create an unlisted YouTube video including the following requirements:

1. Introduce yourself: include your name, grade, school and county.

2. Answer both interview questions

  • Describe the reasons why you chose the song you are using for the audition. What do you like about it?
  • Why do you deserve to be accepted to PAVAN?            

3. Sing any major scale and major arpeggio using solfege. You may sing a capella for this portion only.

4. Perform a song of your choice of any style: classical, musical theatre, jazz, or pop. You MUST use either a live accompanist or a recorded accompanist track. A capella songs will not be considered.

Recording tips for vocalists:

  • Use landscape view
  • Dress appropriately for an audition
  • A capella songs will not be considered